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Yesterday : In tune with the past

A tiny school of seven students founded by Dr. R. Varadarajan on the banks of Shivaji Talao - a lone teacher dreaming a Vidyapeeth - 1963 National Education Society

1963 NES Sunbeam School

1965 NES NationalSchool

1969 NES High School

1975 NES Junior College of Arts, Science & Commerce

1983 NES Ratnam College of Arts, Science & Commerce

1987 NES Information Technology Centre

1987 NES Medical Centre ( For General Health, Cancer, Eye Etc)

1987 NES Welfare Centre for Handicapped Students

1990 NES Ratnam Institute of Management Studies

1991 NES Ratnam Junior College of Science

1993 NES Vocational Junior College

1993 NES Music & Dance Academy

1993 NES National Centre for R & D in Education, Science & Technology

1993 NES Deaf School

1998 NES Ratnam Post Graduate Centre for Science and Commerce

2000 NES School for Gymnastics and Sports

2001 NES Audio - Visual Centre

2001 NES National Open School

2002 NES National Yoga Academy

2003 NES Institute of Foreign Languages

2003 NES College of Education ( E.C.C.Ed, D.I.Ed, Etc)

2003 NES NationalPublic School (ICSE)

2004 NES Centre for M.B.A. studies of Y.B. Chavan University

2005 NES International School , Mumbai

2005 NES Institute of MCA

2006 NES taff Training College

Saraswathi Vidya Bhavan

1983 SVB Sunrise School

1984 SVB Primary School

1988 SVB Oxford High School

1989 SVb UMT English School

1990 SVB Teacher's Training Institute

1991 SVB Sankara School

1992 SVB Computer Academy

1993 SVB College of Pharmacy

1996 SVB IT Institute

2000 SVB Sri Vidya Ganapathy Temple Complex

2000 SVB Sankara Music & Dance Academy

2000 SVB Sri Sankara Vedic Library

2003 SVb Post Gradute Centre (M.Pharm)

2004 SVB Institute for Computer Technology(MCA)

2004 SVB Saraswathi College of Education & Research (B.Ed)

2004 SVB Institute of Social Welfare

2005 SVB Cambridge International School

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